The Power of Your Thoughts at a Cellular Level


Did you know that every thought you think affects your body at a cellular level? If you didn’t, now that you do it may be easier for you to be mindful of your thoughts, negative or positive, they affect your health.

What are you saying to your body? 

Thinking negatively is possibly shortening your life span. Scientists now believe that our thoughts can change our DNA. It is proven that telomeres are the parts of our DNA that are like a biological time clock that determine how much time you have left to live. The longer the telomeres, the longer our lives will be. Telomeres are responsible for every cellular mechanism.

Mindfulness & meditation are great ways to help keep your telomeres long. Studies have shown that those who do not practice meditation shorten the telomere end of their DNA. Processing rather than repressing negative emotions like anger and sadness leads to better physical & mental well-being. Meditation is one way to calm the mind and affect our DNA positively.

Yoga is another way to keep the length of our telomeres intact. Physical movement and self-awareness as being physically present in your body is another way to be mindful.

Awareness is crucial to changing negative thought patterns. Recognizing when you are thinking & saying negative things about yourself or to others is one step. When you notice this happening, observe yourself. Close your eyes, quiet your mind. Take your negative thoughts and transcend them into positive thoughts. It will surely reflect in your physical reality for the best.




      1. I just read this ! This is something I never knew. You are very knowledgeable and I am so grateful for you sharing this. I need to learn how to meditate and you are very helpful to me Alyssa.


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