Mercury Retrograde in ARIES March-April 2018


Basics first..

“What is Mercury Retrograde?..”

When planets go retrograde, they look like they are rotating backwards across the sky. The planet is not actually moving backwards, it is just closer than usual to the sun which looks like a backwards motion from here to Earth.

Of all the planets, Mercury retrograde causes the most drama. Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel… all the areas of life we have the least patience for when they go whacky. When those areas are running smoothly, life is smoother.

Spring of 2018 kicks off with fiery Mercury Retrograde in Aries. Mercury in Aries can bring some HOT energy. As Aries is a high-energy, impulsive, carnal sign. Don’t send that risky text.. don’t sign your name off to any agreements.. you are almost guaranteed to regret it later. Aries is also known as the sign of war so unfortunately we may see more violence and accidents around the world.

It is advised to be mindful of your temper during this time, especially if your Sun, Moon, or Lilith sign is in Aries you may feel this fiery energy more intensely. On the bright side, keep busy and focus on something positive during this time, reflect inward instead of out.. and be careful with your words so you don’t start a war.






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